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Victoria's secret withdraws from swimsuit history Dec 04 ,2019
In 2016, Victoria's secret, which dominates affordable womens swimwear, announced it was ending its swimwear business to pave the way for its active products line. The move opens the floodgates for start-ups to conquer the market. "When Victoria's secret pulled out, we were all trying to regain market share." "Our designs are stylish and comfortable," says michelle grant, founder and CEO of lingerie startup Lively. Lively started its online lingerie business in April 2016, by its swimsuit business in May 2017. While Lively still sells lingerie and bras at its core, swimsuits account for about 25 percent of its sales during the summer sales season, grant said. She said the company is now planning to open a separate Lively swim store somewhere in Los Angeles or Florida because Lively has won the trust of women in the field.
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