• Important news! The 127th spring Canton fair will be postponed!
    Important news! The 127th spring Canton fair will be postponed! Mar 25 ,2020
    On the afternoon of March 23,, the guangdong province government information office held a 46th epidemic prevention and control at a press conference, deputy director of province department of commerce of Ma Hua are sure reply for Canton fair is held: the 127th spring Canton fair sure won't be held as scheduled on April 15.
  • Experts predict that no one will go swimming between March and May, but it will peak after July and August
    Experts predict that no one will go swimming between March and May, but it will peak after July and August Mar 13 ,2020
    As the coronavirus becomes more severe in Europe and the United States, the impact on the swimwear industry will last longer. Summer vacation is always the tourist peak season and the most important season in the swimsuit industry. "If it lasts a long time and we miss the peak season in July and August, we will be very sad for the whole year." Experts say there is a growing emphasis on health during the coronavirus period, and that it is expected to culminate in a national campaign once the epidemic is fully under control, with 85% of the swimwear category recovering. Hope that the people all over the world can survive together hand in hand.
  • About Corona Virus spread in China
    About Corona Virus spread in China Feb 21 ,2020
    Recently, China has been hit by Corona Virus. But China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere around remains optimistic to some extent. The latest news is that the number of cases confirmed for 16 consecutive days continues to decrease. We believe, the epidemic will be eventually controlled and killed soon.
  • A market battle over a pair of yoga pants
    A market battle over a pair of yoga pants Jan 13 ,2020
    Lulu lemon, which started with yoga pants, has a market value of nearly $30 billion. Nike recently launched its Infinalon yoga collection, which features women's yoga clothing and a pair of lulu lemons. According to Nike, the new yoga line is made of its own Infinalon fabric, which is thin, thin and highly elastic, and is priced at 200-600 yuan. Nike's yoga pants are more affordable and targeted at a wider range of mid-range consumers than lululemon's nearly rmb 1,000 yoga pants. It is worth noting that both brands attach great importance to the Chinese market. Nike has specially developed a Chinese version of the Nike App for the Chinese market in an attempt to understand the consumption needs of Chinese consumers through more channels. Lululemon is capitalizing on the growth of the yoga market in China by opening physical stores in the country. In addition, several sports or fashion ICONS will be invited to serve as brand ambassadors in each store. Lululemon has also built a consumer community, offering exercise classes, lectures and a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Jiaocheng, a small city in China: winter swimming fitness to welcome the New Year
    Jiaocheng, a small city in China: winter swimming fitness to welcome the New Year Jan 06 ,2020
    The cold wind is rustling and the snow is fluttering, but the cold can't stop the enthusiasm of winter swimming enthusiasts. "Brave men, march on!" At 3 o 'clock in the afternoon of January 6, winter swimmers in swimsuits braved the cold and faced the wintry wind and plunged into the freezing water of -6 degrees Celsius. The warriors were swift, sliding their arms, breaking the waves, couragely forward, swimming in the lane, stirring up layers of water. Winter swimming has been a traditional way of welcoming the New Year for many years. Today, the number of people in jiaocheng has been more than 100, and the number is increasing year by year. "The year 2019 has passed. In the New Year, we swimmers will welcome the New Year with winter swimming. We hope the public will keep exercising and work together to build the Chinese dream."
  • How do americans celebrate the New Year?
    How do americans celebrate the New Year? 2020-01-01
    New Year's day is a major holiday celebrated by states across the United States. Americans celebrate New Year's eve with the greatest excitement on New Year's eve. It is the night when people gather in churches, streets or squares to sing, pray, bless, repent, and wait for the moment of renewal. At midnight, church bells chimed across the country and bands belted out the famous nostalgic song "bon voyage." In the sound of music, the excited people embrace together, with the sadness of farewell and yearning for a new life to usher in the New Year. New Year in the United States is not the most busy holiday, but there are still a lot of grand celebrations, California rose would be the biggest New Year festival held in the United States, at the appointed time with flowers, especially roses into the floats for miles and miles, the car filled up with all kinds of flowers do model, not only attract streets flanked by California's men and women, old and young, but also attract millions of TV viewers. In Philadelphia, there was a tradition of dressing up, and people, some dressed as clowns, some dressed as women (who, according to the old custom, were not allowed to attend), danced and sang to the great fanfare of floats. Another interesting American habit is making New Year's resolutions. They call them New Year's resolutions. This resolution is usually not some grand ambition, but some simple and practical intention, such as "I must give up smoking", "I will treat my neighbors well" and so on. They always speak frankly in the hope of being monitored and encouraged. Geruisi produce many kinds of swimwear and sportswear!
  • Some little tips about Christmas Holiday
    Some little tips about Christmas Holiday 2019-12-25
    As we all know, December 25th is Christmas day. Although Christmas is a holiday introduced from the west, it is no less popular in China than in other countries. Do you know below tips about Christmas? 1. Why is Christmas on December 25th? 2. What is a Christmas tree? 3. Why Santa in red? Use your head! You'll find all kinds of interesting answer! Geruisi wish you and your family Merry Christmas! Geruisi specializing in various unique and fashionable swimwear and activewear! Contact us now!
  • Does the 100% sustainable fabric touted by the fashion industry really exist?
    Does the 100% sustainable fabric touted by the fashion industry really exist? Dec 18 ,2019
    In July, Inditex, Zara's parent company, announced that 100% of its products under all brands, including Zara, Pull&Bear and Massimo Dutti, would be made from sustainable swimsuit fabrics by 2025. Stores of all brands will be equipped with recycling devices for used clothes, and the group will use these materials and innovative technologies to make clothes again for the market.   The LYCRA Company, a leader in The development of innovative fibers and technology solutions for The apparel industry, recently launched a sustainability program called Planet Agenda. The project's LYCRA®EcoMade fiber was an instant market acceptance. Why? Because this is leica's first branded spandex/elastic swimwear made from unused pre-consumer recycled materials. The company collects waste materials from the production site and mixes them with the original polymer to make EcoMade fibers. So that they can be made into eco-friendly swimsuits Although made from production waste, the LYCRA®EcoMade fiber provides the same durable comfort, fit, and freedom of movement as the original LYCRA® fiber. The company also announced plans to convert most of its COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® polyester fiber production to recyclable ingredients by the end of 2021.
  • Baby fabric, textile city innovation and reform of the
    Baby fabric, textile city innovation and reform of the Dec 12 ,2019
    In keqiao, the textile capital which is dominated by fashionable men's and women's clothing fabrics, the ethnic, personalized and high-end subdivided products are changing people's inherent impression of China textile city with the consumption upgrade. Among them, the baby fabric in the two-child policy and the new generation of child-care group driven by a new force, and with its high quality, high standard, high value to become a new force of innovation, innovation and high-end evolution of the textile city. To better explore spinning city fabrics enterprises in the exploration and practice in the field of high-end, subdivision, your correspondent in-depth market, starting from the infant child products of popular nowadays, exhibit the characteristics of spinning city fabrics of the infant child window, as well as how to innovation and foresight vision to seize business opportunities, children's wear industry transformation and upgrading of the enterprising spirit to promote spinning city.
  • Victoria's secret withdraws from swimsuit history
    Victoria's secret withdraws from swimsuit history Dec 04 ,2019
    In 2016, Victoria's secret, which dominates affordable womens swimwear, announced it was ending its swimwear business to pave the way for its active products line. The move opens the floodgates for start-ups to conquer the market. "When Victoria's secret pulled out, we were all trying to regain market share." "Our designs are stylish and comfortable," says michelle grant, founder and CEO of lingerie startup Lively. Lively started its online lingerie business in April 2016, followed by its swimsuit business in May 2017. While Lively still sells lingerie and bras at its core, swimsuits account for about 25 percent of its sales during the summer sales season, grant said. She said the company is now planning to open a separate Lively swim store somewhere in Los Angeles or Florida because Lively has won the trust of women in the field.
  • Dare to compete with Nike, how does it occupy a position in the sports market
    Dare to compete with Nike, how does it occupy a position in the sports market Nov 27 ,2019
    Dare to compete with Nike, how does it occupy a position in the sports market? Boston is a marathon destination. In the city was born a new brand that dared Nike to compete -- Tracksmith. In 2014, Matt Taylor quit his job at sportswear giant Puma to take a solo venture and start his own company, Tracksmith. Now, the new, high-end running brand, based in England, is gaining a following for its distinctive design and iconic silhouette, which promotes the art of running. Brand founder mat Taylor found that the sportswear market was pretty homogeneous and boring at the time. Mainstream sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas either focus on elite athletic performance or pursue recreational trends while ignoring the needs of the mainstream segment of a sport -- amateur runners who live by running. So Track smith was appeared with the goal of promoting the amateur spirit of running and redefining the running lifestyle.
  • The world's top 10 fashion and luxury goods list: women's dressing rooms
    The world's top 10 fashion and luxury goods list: women's dressing rooms Nov 19 ,2019
    In the "top 100 global Luxury brands" released by the World Luxury Association and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), more than 100 Luxury brands from all over the World have been re-ranked. Here are the top 10 fashion and luxury brands in the world NO. 1 Hermes NO. 2 Chanel NO.3 Louis vuitton NO.4 Christian Dior NO.5 Ferragamo NO. 6 Versace NO. 7 Prada NO. 8 Fendi NO.9 Giorgio Armani NO. 10 Gucci
  • Warmly Celebrate the Perfect Closing of Global Sources Fashion Products and Lifestyle Exhibition
    Warmly Celebrate the Perfect Closing of Global Sources Fashion Products and Lifestyle Exhibition Oct 31 ,2019
    "Global sources fashion products exhibition" - Hong Kong's biggest fashion product procurement fair, on October 27 to 30 held in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo, gathered from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and southeast Asia and other places has to verify quality suppliers, gathered from around the world emerging designers, fashion buyers, industry media and network platforms such as amazon sellers, leading one-stop shopping fashion apparel, shoes, boots, bags, fabric, etc. Did you participate? Geruisi, as a reliable supplier of swimwear and sportswear, we also attended the exhibition. I wonder if you have visited our booth, you will have good expression of us, because of our warm service, professional explanation and nice samples. Our booth number is 5F20. It's our great pleasure to meet you! Hope we have opportunities to cooperate with you and your company in the future!
  • Fabric exports continued growth in cross-border electricity has huge potential
    Fabric exports continued growth in cross-border electricity has huge potential Oct 22 ,2019
    China Trade News recently learned from Alibaba that the development report of cross-border e-commerce of fabric industry released by alibaba international website shows that China's textile export has a good development trend in recent years, with the export volume increasing year by year. The report shows that China's foreign trade in textiles grew rapidly between 2001 and 2018, with a growth rate of 179 percent. In 2018, China's fabric exports reached 21 billion meters, accounting for about a quarter of the world's textile exports. The huge trade surplus brought by fabric export has gradually become one of the main sources of foreign exchange in China.
  • This is our time! The underwear fashion show was held in Shanghai
    This is our time! The underwear fashion show was held in Shanghai Oct 12 ,2019
    French exhibition group orovet launched its latest underwear fashion show at the international close-fitting fashion raw materials exhibition in Shanghai on September 27. This lingerie fashion show to "this is our time" as the theme, as the new brand from the asia-pacific region and the local brands in China, underline the new generation tide, the new brand dares to breakthrough the fearless spirit, innovative fashion attitude! NEIWAI inside and outside, in sex, Samuel, poetry, YOU BRAS, MAIMIA brands will lead to multiple styles of underwear, swimwear and sportswear series, perfect deduce belong to each brand the wonderful story and unique charm. Our times are defined by you! We are professional modest womens swimsuits and womens swimwear reliable supplier from china.  And we have 15 years of experience in the production of swimsuits and sportswear.
  • Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China!
    Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China! Sep 30 ,2019
    National Day anniversary is a feature of the modern nation-state, which emerged with the emergence of the modern nation-state and became particularly important. It became the symbol of an independent state, reflecting the state and regime of the country. Every fifth and tenth anniversary there will be different scale of celebration and military parade, the history of greater influence and the most representative significance is the founding ceremony, the founding of the country 5 years, 10 years, 35 years and 50 years, 60 years of the six large military parade. Since the founding ceremony in 1949, a total of 14 National Day military parades have been held. From 1949 to 1959, 11 military parades were held. In 2019, a massive military parade will be held in Beijing's tian 'anmen square for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. What an exciting moment!
  • American swimming female contestant winning was disqualified because swimsuit too revealing
    American swimming female contestant winning was disqualified because swimsuit too revealing Sep 17 ,2019
    Is it against the rules to expose your swimsuit? ! Swimmers are known for their well-cut, well-made suits. The quality of a swimsuit can more or less affect a swimmer's performance. In order to reduce the friction with water, the swimsuit of some design, the area that exposes skin is bigger, that also is reasonable in. But Breckynn Willis, a 17-year-old high school swimmer from Alaska, was disqualified after being accused of wearing a "revealing" suit. The umpire's argument was that she saw the student swimming "butt butt cheek." This bathing suit is provided by the school swimming team. An Alaskan high school swimmer's victory in the 100-meter freestyle was overturned after a judge ruled she had violated "uniform rules" by revealing too much butt in her swimsuit. A competition official said the judge who disqualified the girl from the race said she could "butt butt" when she saw her swimming. The school district said Tuesday it would try to reverse the disqualification of the student and the referee. The statement said the referee's decision was "based solely on how a standard uniform happened to fit her body type."
  • Short Happy Journey to Macau-Xiamen Geruisi Annual Travel
    Short Happy Journey to Macau-Xiamen Geruisi Annual Travel Sep 10 ,2019
    At noon on Saturday, September 7th, the company organized all employees to fly from xiamen to Macao for a short journey. Arriving safely in macau at 4pm, after a short break, head straight for the Venetian hotel -- themed after the Venetian water town, the hotel is surrounded by Venetian arch Bridges, small canals and flagstones. What a magnificent architecture! The next two days we fully relax, we also visited many famous scenic spots, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Macau Museum, The Big Battery and so on. Everywhere we went, we left many memorials. Happy days always pass quickly, and in a flash our journey is over. Looking forward to the next more exciting journey! Believe us, Geruisi can not only produce swimwear and sportswear well, but also can provide a pleasant working and living environment!
  • Advantages and Application of Lycra fabric
    Advantages and Application of Lycra fabric Sep 03 ,2019
    High elastic is the biggest feature of lycra fabric, which can be stretched by 4-7 times the length. Spandex is used in almost every sport fabric in the world today. Especially in yoga wear and swimming suit. Lycra is made of spandex. Lycra fabric can very easily be stretched, but after reply to in human body surface, the force binding of human body is very small, and will not shrink lycra fabric. In recent years, people who love fashion have become depressed by the hustle and competition of the city. They do not want to be bound by the clothes they wear every day. Lycra's clothing, with its comfortable fit and free movement, meets the needs of modern society.
    We are sure that you have come across many guides which offer advice based on body shape, e.g. wear a padded bikini top if you have small breasts etc. Whether you choose to take on this advice or not, is entirely down to your personal choice, the most important thing to remember is that YOU feel happy and comfortable in your swimwear! Shopping for swimwear can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. The best way to overcome this is by trying heaps of stuff on. In fact, try on every style you fancy, even try on ones you’re not sure on, because if you don’t try you will never know. Keep your options open in terms of style, pattern and fit. For example, if you are conscious about your tummy, high-waisted bikinis are a perfect middle ground between swimming costumes and bikinis which can be extremely flattering for lots of body shapes. Accessories are a wonderful way to bring together the whole package. A swimwear outfit can have lots of differences compared to your everyday style, so coordinating hats, sunglasses, shoes and bags are the perfect way to add a little bit-of-you into your outfit! Lots of people find swimwear too simple and bare for their liking but it really doesn’t have to be that way, add a necklace, earrings or bracelet to your outfit to be true to yourself. Remember your posture! Good posture is essential for your health and balance yes, but if you know how to sit to best present your body you can shine with confidence. Simply drop your shoulders back and tilt your stance upwards slightly to straighten your back.
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