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Learning What Fast-fashion is from Zara Supply Chain Management! 2020-12-02

ZARA has created the myth of "Fast-fashion".  ZARA has completed "designing-- making pattern -- making sample-making clothes-on store shelves" in 2-3 weeks.  It can produce 18,000 pieces of clothes in one minute, supporting a professional logistics center like the size of 90 football fields and also can deliver new goods from the origin to the world within 24 to 72 hours.

  We believe that the efficient supply chain enables ZARA to have 7-12 days of super short time to achieve "multi-category, small amount, quick order turnover".

  Our company has an attitude about how to make swimwear faster, more efficient and more professional.  We know the Fast-fashion is a new trend.  Especially when we hang out to the beach with friends or family, various types of swimwear makes us in diverse and charming effect.  We hope we can enjoy different life style when dressed in different swimwear.  Let’s experience beautiful life with Fast-fashion.

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