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How do americans celebrate the New Year? 2020-01-01

New Year's day is a major holiday celebrated by states across the United States. Americans celebrate New Year's eve with the greatest excitement on New Year's eve. It is the night when people gather in churches, streets or squares to sing, pray, bless, repent, and wait for the moment of renewal. At midnight, church bells chimed across the country and bands belted out the famous nostalgic song "bon voyage." In the sound of music, the excited people embrace together, with the sadness of farewell and yearning for a new life to usher in the New Year.

New Year in the United States is not the most busy holiday, but there are still a lot of grand celebrations, California rose would be the biggest New Year festival held in the United States, at the appointed time with flowers, especially roses into the floats for miles and miles, the car filled up with all kinds of flowers do model, not only attract streets flanked by California's men and women, old and young, but also attract millions of TV viewers. In Philadelphia, there was a tradition of dressing up, and people, some dressed as clowns, some dressed as women (who, according to the old custom, were not allowed to attend), danced and sang to the great fanfare of floats.

Another interesting American habit is making New Year's resolutions. They call them New Year's resolutions. This resolution is usually not some grand ambition, but some simple and practical intention, such as "I must give up smoking", "I will treat my neighbors well" and so on. They always speak frankly in the hope of being monitored and encouraged.

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