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Christmas in the World can't be Separated from Making in Yiwu Dec 30 ,2020

Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration for billions of people around the world. Can you imagine the major festival is inextricably linked with China?  As a small commodity manufacturing place, Yiwu is one of the business cards in China.  It is well-known in the world and has always been the leader of cross-border trade in China.

In fact, from Yiwu, you can experience the global Christmas atmosphere every year.  Yiwu customs data show that in 2019, Yiwu's foreign trade import and export value will reach 296.78 billion yuan.  Take Christmas products as an example, Yiwu accounts for 80% of the world's Christmas products market.  Yiwu supplies two-thirds of the world's Christmas decorations.

Sellers said that the Covid-19 had a certain impact on their orders this year, but generally speaking, it was not as big as expected.  Most orders were shipped to North America, South America, Europe and Japan.  If we say that Yiwu was the first place to make its reputation in the world because it was cheap, now it is to seize the heights of innovation, quality and price and conquer the world.  In recent years, "made in China" has long been free from the label of "low-end" and "cheap".

In the eyes of foreign trade businessmen, their exploration of channel reform has already begun: entering the WTO to do foreign trade; E-commerce; live broadcasting with goods.  Reality tells us: the constant change in the business world is the survival of the fittest in the business situation.

As a foreign trade supplier, our company also sent Christmas cards to foreign customers before Christmas, in which we expressed our sincere wishes and kind care for them.  At the same time, we also thank our customers for their trust in GERUISI over the years.  We will make swimwear attentively, control every production step and provide high-quality service.

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