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A market battle over a pair of yoga pants Jan 13 ,2020

Lulu lemon, which started with yoga pants, has a market value of nearly $30 billion. Nike recently launched its Infinalon yoga collection, which features women's yoga clothing and a pair of lulu lemons.

According to Nike, the new yoga line is made of its own Infinalon fabric, which is thin, thin and highly elastic, and is priced at 200-600 yuan. Nike's yoga pants are more affordable and targeted at a wider range of mid-range consumers than lululemon's nearly rmb 1,000 yoga pants.

women's yoga clothing brands

It is worth noting that both brands attach great importance to the Chinese market. Nike has specially developed a Chinese version of the Nike App for the Chinese market in an attempt to understand the consumption needs of Chinese consumers through more channels. Lululemon is capitalizing on the growth of the yoga market in China by opening physical stores in the country. In addition, several sports or fashion ICONS will be invited to serve as brand ambassadors in each store. Lululemon has also built a consumer community, offering exercise classes, lectures and a variety of outdoor activities.

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